Consulting Services

Access high-level training and strategic advice from the STC team of expert consultants. If your organization or staff needs assistance on either a short-term or long-term basis, we can help!

Who is eligible to access consulting services?


  • STC members
  • Organizing committees of international sport events receiving public sector funding
  • National championship organizing committees under the umbrella of a rights holder organization
  • International, national, regional, and provincial bid/organizing committees that are supported by a STC member (e.g. municipality, economic development agency, convention bureau, tourism office)
  • Provincial sport organizations and their affiliated clubs whose respective sport umbrella bodies (e.g. Sports-Quebec, Sport Nova Scotia) are STC members.
  • Bid committees
  • Transition committees (between bid committees and organizing committees)
  • Organizing committees

What are the topics covered under consulting services?

Our consulting services cover a wide array of topics ranging from financial to legal advice.

Planning & Funding

For Host Communities – Strategic planning including hosting plan/matrix, public funding requests/advice, event feasibility studies


Economic impact studies & reports, media measurement services, membership surveys, economic impact of a specific sport in Canada

For Events Rights Holders

Domestic hosting strategies, preparation of RFPs & bid documents, international hosting strategies, event feasibility studies

Legal Services

Dispute resolution advice, contract negotiations, risk management

Marketing & Communications Services for Events Rights Holders

Broadcasting (TV/Web), communications plans, event marketing plans 

Games & Major Events

Transfer of knowledge transitions, venue construction, design, management and overlay, athletes’ village, transportation, volunteer & HR management, results systems, presentation & protocol, opening/closing ceremonies, event registration/accreditation, ticketing, pageantry, event sustainability practices

What are the consulting services you offer?

  1. Our consultants will provide you with a turnkey solution by producing a customized document for a specific project. For example, if you’re interested in developing a business plan for a specific event, we can prepare it on your behalf. 

    Cost: Once the required scope of work is established, we will forward a proposal with an outline of the services that could be provided, as well as the projected costs.

  1. Our consultants can advise you and your team on any generic topic, and how to use various tools to produce customized documents for a specific project that can be used for future use. 

    Cost: $125 CAD per hour + travel expenses (if required). Taxes not included.

  1. Workshop: A one-day sport tourism workshop is available that will include four subjects to be chosen by the client from the STC list of tools, in addition to a general presentation on sport tourism. Up to five experts/consultants would be available to deliver the workshop and to discuss the participants’ future requirements.

  1. Cost: $5,000.00 CAD + tax and travel
  1. Speakers Bureau: Presentations are available by one individual on a specific topic.
  2. Cost: $1,000.00 CAD + tax and travel

Book a Meeting

Consulting services are available on request, subject to the availability of a STC expert/consultant. For information, to schedule a workshop or engage a consultant on a project, please send an email to or call (902) 476-6411