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Sport Tourism Canada is an organization founded through a partnership with the Destination Canada (formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission) with the goal to increase Canada’s capacity to attract and host sport tourism events.

We help increase Canada’s capacity to attract and host sport tourism events.

Latest News

Up for Bid: Archery Canada

Up for Bid: Archery Canada

Archery Canada is now requesting bids for the following event(s): EVENT: 2021 CANADA CUP EAST – with a potential for a multi-year hosting of this event! ELIGIBLE PROVINCES:Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland &...

Next Webinar: COVID-19 & Return to Swimming

Next Webinar: COVID-19 & Return to Swimming

Webinar #12: Swimming Canada Facility Series, Powered by Sport Tourism Canada and Presented by Myrtha Pools Sport Tourism Canada has teamed up with Swimming Canada to bring you an additional webinar, which is the third in their series of facility webinars, presented...

Services We Offer


Gain access to exclusive offerings and other public offerings at discounted rates: directories, Canadian and International industry data, the Sport Hosting Index, and cooperative marketing programs and sales missions.


Consulting Services

High-level training and strategic advice for organizations or staff needing assistance on either a short-term or long-term basis.



Assessments that provide critical information for municipal, provincial, and federal government funding applications, grants, and all types of private sector financial support.


We Organize
These Events

Sport EventS Congress

March / April annually

Sport Events Congress is the largest annual gathering of the $6.8 billion sport tourism industry in Canada.

Prestige Awards

Held annually in conjunction with Sport Events Congress

To celebrate the people, places, and events that make the Canadian sport tourism industry so dynamic.

[UN] Golf and Sport Tourism Fore-Um

Held annually in November

A sociable golf-themed competition, which offers learning and B2B networking opportunities with sport tourism colleagues from across Canada.

Get your copy of the 2020 Canadian Sport Hosting Index


Québec City

Did you know that Québec City is Canada’s second-best sport city? Its sports services and installations are synonymous with expertise and hospitality. It’s easy to understand why the city regularly hosts championships, world cup events, and other sporting competitions and conventions.


As we like to say, the west-coast is the best-coast! Richmond, British Columbia is an island city thriving with international culture and stunning coastal views…

Discover Saint-John

There’s a new player in the indoor sports game in #SaintAwesome – the Irving Oil Field House. The Irving Oil Field House is a 127,000 sqft high-quality sports…


    As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Surrey is committed to planning responsibly with foresight to ensure that its infrastructure, economy, and… 

    From Our Members



    We have several memberships with national and provincial organizations, but our affiliation with STC is by far the most valuable on a year over year basis.



    We met with four or five communities that we’ve never been in before at Sport Events Congress.  They bid on an event over the next couple of years, and before you know it, we’re in that community hosting a major event.


    Municipal Member

    A public or private organization in a community, municipality or metropolitan area in Canada that is organized to solicit and service sports events (e.g. Convention & visitors bureaus, sport tourism commissions, economic development commissions)


    Population under 10,000 CDN $150
    Population 10,000 – 25,000 CDN $300
    Population 25,000 – 50,000 CDN $600
    Population 50,000 – 150,000 CDN $1,500
    Population 150,000 – 500,000 CDN $2,500
    Population Over 500,000 CDN $4,000

    Associate Member

    Canadian provincial or federal sport and/or tourism umbrella bodies (e.g. Provincial ministries of tourism, Sask Sport, Sport Alliance of Ontario, Canadian Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus). It also includes sport leagues that operate on a provincial, regional or national level.

    FEES: CDN $1500

    Affiliate Member

    This category of membership includes Canadian firms or individuals providing equipment, services or attractions to the field served by the organization (e.ga. Sport/event marketing companies, sports equipment manufacturers, consulting firms, architectural firms, facilities, institutions, athletic departments, hotel chains & individual hotel properties, airline and car rental chains). It also includes organizations that hold rights to events not covered under the Rights Holders category below.

    FEES: CDN $500


    This membership category is open to those actively involved in the Canadian education system as an educator, researcher or student.

    FEES: CDN $100

    Rights Holder - National

    This non-voting membership category includes national, multi-sport or major games organizations that are recognized as clients of Sport Canada.

    FEES: CDN $0

    Rights Holder - Provincial

    This non-voting membership category includes provincial and multi-sport organizations that are recognized by provincial governments and provincial sport umbrella bodies that are Associate members of the CSTA.

    FEES: CDN $0


    This category provides an opportunity for international members to affiliate with the CSTA and includes access to all industry tools contained in the Products section of the website. Contact the CSTA for a full list of other benefits.


    Cities, States or Provinces – USD $5000
    Countries USD $10,000