Sport Events Exchange is an in-person or virtual business-to-business marketplace activity that connects sport events rights holders (ERHs) and destinations who are members of Sport Tourism Canada (DMO members).

The Exchange allows destinations and events rights holders to briefly meet and explore hosting opportunities in a fast, efficient and fun 1st date type of environment. Our dating gurus help daters prep for the dates to ensure both parties make a good first impression.  We guide Exchange participants on how to match-up with potential event partners that are a good fit.

Upcoming ‘Dating’ Opportunities:

NEW – Sport Events Exchange Virtual – Part 1 – November 13, 2020

A select group of ERHs and DMO members will be invited to take part in a pilot of a virtual edition of Sport Events Exchange. We’ll be testing new technology that connects our ‘daters’ online. All participants must meet the Exchange eligibility requirements.

More info coming soon!

Sport Events Exchange at SEC21 – April 7-8, 2021 (Westin Ottawa Hotel)

Our traditional format of face-to-face 8-minute appointments will be available in-person at SEC21 in Ottawa for delegates who are registered to attend SEC21 in-person. Physical distancing and COVID-19 health protocols will be in place. All participants must meet the Exchange eligibility requirements.

More info coming soon!

NEW – Sport Events Exchange Virtual – Part 2 – April 9, 2021

SEC21 delegates who have registered to participate in SEC virtually will have access to a virtual edition of Sport Events Exchange. All participants must meet the Exchange eligibility requirements.

More info coming soon!

Exchange Eligibility Requirements

Only two groups are eligible to ‘date’ at Sport Events Exchange:

#1 – Canadian Destinations (DMOs) who are members of Sport Tourism Canada in the ‘Municipal Member’ category of membership.

#2 – Sport organizations (for-profit or not-for-profit) who own the rights to events open for bid (Events Rights Holders – ERHs)*.

*All ERHs must be a member of STC. Not-for-profit sport organizations who are ERHs may be eligible for complimentary registration. For-profit events rights holders must be members in the Affiliate Member category.


Hoteliers, event sponsors, venue managers, educational institutions, sports equipment manufacturers, airlines, consulting firms, or anyone else who does not fit into these two groups listed above are NOT eligible for Sport Events Exchange. No exceptions.

Guidelines for Speed Dating

All eligible Exchange participants must follow the Exchange rules and regulations.

Details coming soon!

Questions About Sport Events Exchange?

Contact our Sport Events Exchange dating guru – Heather Harcott at

Go congress program 2021

The Go Congress! program offers the opportunity for representatives from various Canadian sport organizations to attend Sport Events Congress 2021 on a complimentary basis

Costs such as transportation, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and SEC registration fees are covered by the program partners – Sport Tourism Canada, Ottawa Tourism and WestJet. 

Participation in the Go Congress! program is offered by invitation only and is limited to representatives from sport organizations who participate in-person as events rights holders in the Sport Events Exchange (aka Speed Dating) element of the Congress on April 7-8, 2021.

All Go Congress! participants must meet the admission requirements (see below).

Admission to the Go Congress! Program

In order to be admitted into the Go Congress! program you must:

√  Receive an invitation from STC to participate.  This invitation is available on a first come, first served basis. Spots are limited and are offered at the discretion of the program partners.


√  Be a not-for-profit national (Canadian) or provincial (Ontario only) sport organization or multi-sport organization with one or more events open for bid in 2021 or beyond.


√  Own the rights to events (such as competitions/championships, conferences, training camps, AGMs, special events, etc.) that can move from one city to another throughout Canada.


√  Be open to accepting bids from a variety of Canadian cities and municipalities who are interested in hosting sport-related events in their communities.


√  Agree to the program conditions, rules and regulations.

Program Conditions, Rules & Regulations

Upon acceptance into the Go Congress! Program you must sign an agreement accepting the program conditions, rules and regulations. A copy of the agreement will be provided. Failure to comply with the program conditions, rules and regulations will make events rights holders ineligible and participation in the Go Congress! program will be revoked.

Are You Ready to Participate in the Go Congress! Program?

If you have been invited to participate in the Go Congress! program or feel you meet the eligibility requirements and wish to receive an invitation, please contact Heather Harcott at